Saturday, 3 March 2018


So I’m totally new at this blogging thing, I’ve posted a couple of times over the years but have never stuck at it despite really really wanting to stick it out. I love reading blogs, reading what others have to say and about all the new beauty products that are about to be released and it makes me so desperate to do that myself! I love that blogging is an outlet where you can share your feelings, likes, dislikes, and where you can learn new things. What I love most though is that it’s something you can do from almost anywhere.

I am a self taught Make Up Artist and have a degree in photography, so why not give this blogging thing a try! To be able to use my skills and put them into something that I love would be amazing! What is there to lose! This year I’m trying to make a big effort to stop worrying about what people think/will think of me, and to just do things that I want to do and not let anything stop me!

So here goes!

What’s your best blogging tip for a total newbie?

R x

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