Wednesday, 5 August 2015

My Top 10 Hair Tips!

1. Always use a Heat Protectant!

I can't stress enough how important it is to use hair protectant especially when using heat on your hair, not only does it protect your hair from all the heat you use but it keeps it in good condition whilst still being able to use your hair tools. There's so many heat protectant's on the market and it's definitely worth investing!

2. Try not to wash your hair everyday.

As much as its nice so have soft and clean hair everyday it's not nice for your hair, washing it everyday causes the natural oils to be stripped from your hair, so try and use a dry shampoo in-between washes, I love Batiste! (especially the XXL volume one! great for last minute volume!)

3. Use a hot oil or a hair mask on your hair once a week.

Treat your hair to a treatment once a week!, I love nothing more than a soak in the bath and putting a hot oil on my hair and letting it soak on the mid lengths to ends of my hair for about 5 Min's before rinsing it out.

4. Try to let your hair dry naturally as often as you can!

By Letting your hair try naturally sometimes it cuts down the amount of heat you are putting on your hair, this then will leave your hair in better condition overall! (come on we all love nice hair!)

5. Invest in a Tangle Teaser!

If you're hair is anything like mine then you'll find yourself trying to get all the knots out of your hair after washing it and getting those tears in your eyes from pulling your hair so its almost coming out. A couple of years ago my best friends recommended getting a tangle teaser and I can honestly say it was the best thing I did, the bristles are so flexible and don't pull on your hair so its great for getting knots out!

6. Get regular trims!

Getting regular trims every 6 weeks does wonders for your hair, just getting the ends trimmed leaves your hair feeling light, smooth and most importantly healthy! Therefore making it grow quicker!

7. Only use conditioner on the ends.

I've found over the years that only putting conditioner on the ends has done wonders for me, I used to use it all over but it often made my hair go greasy a lot quicker, so using it on the ends where the moisture doesn't get to as quick is great for your hair.

8. Massage your roots and scalp when washing.

Whist washing your hair give your scalp and roots a massage, not only does it feel good but the roots of your hair has the most moisture so giving it a good scrub is good.

9. Always always always make sure you wash your shampoo and conditioner out properly!

Making sure your shampoo and conditioner is washed out properly is a must!, if you don't get it all out properly this can leave you with itchy scalp and you will not be getting the best out of your hair! If you are a bath person like myself then wash/rinse your hair with the shower before you get out.

10. To avoid as much knotting as possible brush your hair before washing it.

Trust me ladies and gentlemen this make your hair feel so smooth and not knotty if you do this before you wash your hair!

What are your hair tips?

R x


  1. Such great tips, going to have to try these out! Great post xx

  2. Such great tips, going to have to try these out! Great post xx

  3. Good tips. Also washing with cold water is great for your hair.

    1. Thanks!, Yes! I find sometimes if i rinse with cold water after washing it leave's my hair with a nice shine! x